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Gebr. Heinemann Retail Denmark, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG, one of the world's leading travel retail companies, operates six Tax Free shops at Copenhagen Airport. The Copenhagen outlets have been operated by Gebr. Heinemann since March 2007.

Corporate Responsibility

Gebr. Heinemann Retail Denmark employs about 350 people and follows a consequent Corporate Responsibility Strategy which includes sustainable HR Management and responsible ecological behaviour. We are part of the German family-owned group Gebr. Heinemann. For the company, corporate social responsibility is no mere lip service to fashion; it is hardwired into its DNA. It is the time-hallowed ideal of honour and integrity in business upon which Gebr. Heinemann was founded in 1879.


We at Gebr. Heinemann Retail Denmark are also committed to acting in harmony with the environment – whether that means showing sensitivity for the customs and practices of Denmark as well as safeguarding the natural world. Our values underpin the spirit of solidarity and cohesion that makes us a part of the global family in which all members support and respect one another.


Our corporate responsibility activities help us to do business responsibly while focusing on our vision and mission, by living our brand values – Surprising, Service oriented and Personal – and thereby creating value for our customers and business.

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At Gebr. Heinemann Retail Denmark, we are about 350 employees who manage sales on a daily basis for six Tax Free stores at Copenhagen Airport. Working at Gebr. Heinemann Retail Denmark is more than a job. It is an opportunity to become part of a global family of 6,000. We are part of the German family-owned group Gebr. Heinemann, headquartered in Hamburg. Our priority is making sure our staff are happy in the long term.

Therefore we ensure you have the opportunity to inject your own individual personality and experiences into your day-to-day work, and that you feel you’re taken seriously in the process. Because only then can you be truly passionate about what you do and make decisions that help both you and the company move forward.

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